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Meaningless Conflicts: Leading to Unconscious Disbelief

Throughout thousands of generations, earth has been full of peace and logic. We call the past eras, ignorant; as they couldn't read nor write. However, a generation who reads and ignores what they read, is still called the era of knowledge/science. Of course, I am not considering everyone: the people that read and pretend they never read, and who believe in logic but tries not to think about what he/she read. Rumors are spreading, along with freedom of speech. We all know Adam, Noah, and Abraham --peace be upon them--, but we all stop there. We call ourselves believers in thee almighty God, the Creator; but we hide from our hearts many things, which we consider less important. What is more important than following the words of God? What is more important than following a Holy Book, as we say we believe in it? What is more important than believing in our own brothers and sisters, from the father of all prophets? Those questions are what we are ignoring. Abraham had two sons, whom are prophets; not one, not three, but two! Descendant out to twelve tribes each, spreading the message of God, the message of our creator. The rules of life, for us to live in peace. The followers of these tribes have recently turned into enemies, with no reason. Religion turning into politics and evil; fighting toward money, fame, and power. We hear about Jews: originating from the word Praised in Hebrew. Christians: following Jesus Christ--peace be upon him--, while Christ was originating from the Greek translation of Messiah, the savior of all humankind. And Muslims: an Arabic word meaning Submission to the one and only God. Therefore, all three should be following the orders of God, the Creator, as they claim they are. Unfortunately, I couldn't find real Jews, Christians, nor Muslims, yet!

Judaism started with the prophet Mosses, as a descendant of Isaac, the second son of Abraham--peace be upon them. Judaism collected the previews words of God, sent upon previous prophets, in addition to what was revealed on Mosses. Together forming the Jewish Bible Tanakh, sometimes referred to as The Old Testament. Holding historical and future events; for humans to understand and feel God’s rewards toward the good believing nations, and punishment toward the extreme disbelievers. Mosses was sent on people whom never believed in God, acquiring many miracles from the almighty God; for people to feel the Holy Spirit and understand the reasons we’re created. The history shows and proves the incidence of the overpowering Pharaoh of Egypt, deluded that he’s the god of gods. God drown Pharaoh with all his followers, when they were crossing the sea to destroy all people of Mosses: men, women, and children. Faith protected them, even though some disbelieved many times. Some were jealous when Mosses was worshiping God on the mountain for 40 days, so they built the Golden Calf, wanting a God to worship like Mosses’. Others were frighten to enter the Holy Land, when God ordered to do so in peace. After noticing their major sin, they tried to go back to fight, but God said, “Go not up, neither fight; for I am not among you;” (Deut KJV 1:42). Many Jews are now fighting in the name of Judaism, trying to occupy as much land as possible. God never allowed the killing of innocents in all holy books, however, politics are using parts of scripts to make their point. God sent prophets among the twelve tribes. Some were rejected and some were killed. Most of the new generation talks about a political argument Israel, and deny the fact that their Bible orders to follow and believe in all prophets. Many call Ishmael, the older son of Abraham, a wild beast; because his mother--the second wife of Abraham--was an Arab maid. Some also disbelieve the scripts that explains the tribes of Ishmael, unitedly worshipping toward the Holy House, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; “I will glorify the house of my glory” (Isaiah KJV 60:7). Also disbelieving the signs and coming of Messiah--Jesus Christ--, saying that the Messiah still didn’t come. Is that what God ordered Mosses and his people? Are they still considered believing in the Jewish Bible, when they argue the opposite? I still haven’t found a real Jew yet.

Afterwards, came Christianity, starting from the pregnancy of Mary, mother of Jesus--peace be upon them. Miracle after miracle: the survival of Mary during pregnancy, the fact of his birth, talking in his cradle, and many many more. He was the light of all humans, clearing the world from the darkness of idols and ignorance. His people felt the glory and blessing of God, the Creator, in him. Calling for peace and freedom, honesty and loyalty. Confirming previous Prophets and Holy Books. Ordering people to turn to the almighty; the creator of the universe, what’s under, and what’s above. Insisting to concentrate on the worship of God, and God alone. Blessed by the Holy Bible Gospel, the pure words of God. Many scripts from the Jewish Bible mentions the future coming of Christ, and many scripts from the Quran explains detailed events of him also. Many Christians state a story of the Jews being behind the crucify of Jesus. Whether it’s true or not, it doesn't mean all Jews wanted that. The Bible also includes the coming of a Prophet, “And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned.” (Isaiah 29:12). Following by the first word in the Quran “READ”. Therefore, why do many Christians hate Judaism? Why do they reject the mentioned tripe in the Jewish Bible? Why do they reject the Quran, while it is referred to in the Bible? I still haven’t found a real Christian yet.

Last came Islam, which the first thing that comes to many minds, is terror. Islam simply means submitting and worshiping the one God; believing in all prophets and messengers, holy books, angels, judgment day, and destiny. The Quran was revealed onto Mohammad, in a modern language, easy to read and memorize, as the Last Testament; “He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law” (Isaiah KJV 42:4). Starting from the word “READ”, when Gabriel--the angel--was reciting to Mohammad the words of God, teaching him how to read. Also ordered the nation to concentrate on education and science, buying slaves to free them, stopping people from burying their girls alive, treating all humans equally. Most important, to pray like Abraham, Mosses, David and Jesus--peace be upon them. Many miracles was mentioned as well, like the planets and orbits, scientific details of how a baby is created. The split of the moon 1400 years ago, while NASA just discovered it with no scientific explanations, how nor why. Islam ordered NOT to compare Prophets, and follow the peace path of God, worshipping him alone. God also stating “We thus made you an impartial community, that you may serve as witnesses among the people, and the messenger serves as a witness among you.” Quran (2:143). Mosses--peace be upon him--was mentioned around 130 times in the Quran, and Jesus--peace be upon him--was mentioned 25 times. Why do many Muslims hate Jews, just because politics? Why do some Muslims reject Jesus, while the Quran ordered to believe in him? I still haven’t found a real Muslim, yet.

From my personal experience during the recent years, talking to people from many faiths and cultures, traveling to 16 countries--so far. I haven’t seen real Jews, Christians, nor Muslims. Individuals should at least READ, while we have clear scripts. The Quran says “Don’t pray”, which is something that makes people criticize it. You can understand why, when you read “O you who believe, do not observe the Contact Prayers while intoxicated, so that you know what you are saying." Quran (4:43). Same goes through all holy books. People are mixing religion with politics, which is what increases the hate and division; religions is following the path of God, while division and hate is the path of Satan--the devil. That’s the main objective of politics; separating people from God, to control them the way they want. We’re all from the same God, and none of our prophets nor holy books have conflicts. They all have logic proofs, linking to each other, starting from the father of all prophets, Abraham-–peace be upon him. The most blessed Prophets. Brothers and sister, don’t believe in all what you hear, trusted sources are easy to find.

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